Updated 9/18/16
I have started to do some simple engravings. These are just a few that I have done and that are for sale. I can do some custom work depending on what you are looking for. Email me if you have any questions
Copper Bracelet
2 horseshoes and a stallion head​​
Brass flower inlayed into a piece of Oak
Roughly 2 inches diameter​
can be hung from a rearview mirror as shown ​
Coaster set is made from debarked oak that has been burned and inlayed with engraved steel.
Designs can be changed​
#003   $40.00
Oak, no bark, no burn, inlayed steel
#004​​   $40.00
​Oak, bark on, burned, inlayed steel
#005  $40.00
Oak​, bark on, no burn, inlayed steel
#006​  $40.00
Bark off, no burn, inlayed copper
#007  $50.00
Bark off, burned, inlayed copper
#008  $50.00
Bark on, no burn, inlayed copper
#009  $50.00
Bark on, burned, inlayed copper​​
#010  $50.00

*priced as a set of 4 coasters with 5 different designs​​​
Email to order. All products are made to order so that any designs can be changed. No two engravings are the same due to being handmade