Updated 5/31/2016
​              I am working to update the pictures, so the sight is a bit bare at the ​moment.
All of our rabbits get play time at least once a day.  They Love to play with toys.  I found these tunnels at the pet store.  These are one of their Favorite things to do. 
Bonnet Playing
in her Tunnel
We have found that rabbits get bored.  A bored rabbit is not usually very active.  An active rabbit will be happier and be healthier.  Some of their favorite toys are:
Teethers for babies
Shower Curtain plastic rings
Cat balls with the bell
Ropes with knots in them
Paper towel tubes with hay
Apple wood sticks
With some imagination the possibilities are endless.
Rabbits love to dig.  You can do this without using dirt.  We use old Phone Books!  They like to scrunch up all the pages.  It is really quite funny to watch.
They also like to jump on top of things.  We give them sturdy upside down boxes & shopping baskets. Little Tykes has alot of cool toys that our rabbits really enjoy.  Garage sales are a fun place to find these treasures!  
Sir likes his baby teethers that hang from his cage.