We do not ship our Rabbits.  We can deliver to nearby shows or they can be picked up at our rabbitry.

There are so many great people out in our world.  The problem is for the few that arn't that mess it up for the rest.  With that said, we do not except checks, cash only, or cashiers check for deposits.

If you put down a deposit, and do not pickup the rabbit at the agreed upon time and date, the rabbit will nolonger be held for you and the deposit will be nonrefunded. 

All rabbits will come with a full pedigree unless otherwise noted.

All rabbits leaving our rabbitry will be healthy and disease free.  After the rabbit leaves our care, we can not guarantee how it will respond to it's new surroundings.  

All of our rabbits are handled daily.  We will not sell a rabbit with a poor personality.  If you are only wanting a pet, we will try and find a good match for you.

We strive to have the whole package with our rabbits, size, coat, personality & stucture.

If for any reason you can not keep a rabbit that was purchased from our rabbitry we will gladly take it back.  Please do Not take it to a pound or shelter and Definately do Not let it go Outside.

If you have any further questions please e-mail us.     mickiesbunnies@yahoo.com